we are in a new dawn of creative builders that construct spaces and places in the most creative tools and beautiful outcome 

Civil work 

We provide all civil work needed by professional team to build all kinds of concrete structures , we do tiling, painting and plastering services . 

Electrical work

We build and maintain the network of electricity of your building to make sure it is well designed and effective in its electricity consumption 

mechanical work

We supply and design and fix homes, install Air conditioning systems & heating systems and support them when they are not functioning .


A structural material that can be used as the primary structural system of a building transferring roof, floor, and lateral loads. Precast enables designers to integrate structural and envelope (architectural) systems reducing the total materials, detailing, costs, construction complexity, and more.

Portable Houses

Home structures that can be assembled and disassembled, hence they can be mobilized to different places. Portable homes are usually prefabricated and can even stand on wheels

Steel structure

A metal structure fabricated with steel for the internal support and for exterior cladding, as opposed to steel framed buildings which generally use other materials for floors, walls, and external envelope. Steel buildings are used for a variety of purposes including storage, work spaces and living accommodation

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