The boarder that define what is reality and illusion are beautiful wave in the cosmic fabric 

Geometric Balance

geometry is used in a healing practice to help us reconnect with the spirit and nature to bring balance back into our lives. This works on all levels of our existence, affecting the physical body, come and try our HEALING ROOM to balance your mental , emotional and physical self assessment

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Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health, it can help carry you more calmly through your day  join our sessions .

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Life Coaching

What is a life coach? A life coach is a person that works in partnership with an individual to help them reach their potential across all facets of life,  join our private life coaching sessions 

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The workshop are places with we come together to train people in a team work group environment , where we do exercise and do mental mind games to develop our consciousness and our senses with the universe , to elevate our self existence and target our goals in life in a better way 

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Nature Trips

we discovery our soul purpose when we embark on a journey into nature , we find the true meaning of our purpose in life and go after that purpose with all our energy and power and strength , book with us on the trips we organize that we do in the Middle East in nature and to historical places too . 

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Social CSR 

 CSR is bringing value to the community and generating a positive impact. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the idea that a company should play a positive role in the community and consider the environmental and social impact of business decisions. 

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Samples of the Media Gallery

Tree of life Progress

This is progress Design of the Art work of the Cosmic Geometry of the Tree of life  , this Art work presents a foundation of the philosophy of  the energy of life in the universe , in this art work , the energy of life flows within it 


In this Video Presentation reflects that ideas of how humans can think about UNITY , and how important it is for people to be united under this idea 

Faces Faces Faces

Faces Faces Faces is a video presentation that reflects the differences of human personality and life , yet at the same time , it explains that this verity of change is actually the source of richness that we are missing from other in our personal life , and when we know how people are the keys to some answers we are looking for in our lives , this is where they will have a true meaning for them in our lives .

How to clear your thoughts

this video explains how our mind thinks , and how we can organize our thoughts to design the idea that we want to have in our mind 

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